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Game Crafters released its first game, The Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian, in 1992. We've made the entire original Maddog game available as "one-string-ware" for you to download from our Maddog Williams page.

In addition, if you'd like to drop us a note with the subject "New Game" we'll let you know when our next game is up and running. Thanks for stopping by! -- Game Crafters.

Whats New!
1-3-2012 Maddog Williams Vol. 1 now runs on the Mac! (Get Full Story)

7-3-2011 Yes we are still alive! Maddog Williams Vol. 1 now runs on DOSBox! (Get Full Story)

4-18-2004 YES 2004!  Gadzooks, it's been 4 YEARS since I updated the web site! There is REAL news about Maddog vol. 2 Escape From Cylindria. The team is back together (Get Full Story)

3-11-2000 The Adventures of Maddog Williams vol. 2 Escape From Cylindria is under way! (Get Full Story)

3-9-2000 Amiga version of Maddog Williams vol. 1 now available on the web! (Get Full Story)

I   N       M   E   M   O   R   I   U   M
In the early summer of 1999, Richard Lowe passed away due to complications of surgery. Richard was a kind-hearted soul and a good friend. He and I spent many an evening discussing philosophy, science, politics, computers and most importantly, women! :-)  He was an integral part of the Game Crafters team. He and I wrote the text for the game and he drew the sketches that were used as a reference for the different scenes. His quick wit and humor come through in the scenes he programmed, sometimes in surprising places. As long as Maddog Williams lives on, so will a part of Richard. Farewell my friend. May peace be with those you left behind.  -Tom-


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